Tax Consultant John LyristakisTax Consultant for the proper entity selection and restructuring tailored to client specific needs

Your taxes and liabilities will depend on your business entity selection.consequently the right choosing of an entity must be studied and tailored to your specific needs. With regards to existing entities, evaluation and advise based on our experience could increase financial performance and tax minimization through restructuring .

Tax Consultant on International Taxation

If you have or you want to establish business overseas as an individual or as a legal entity in any form ,our experience in international taxation over 40 years in this complexity area for companies and individuals with so many complex rules and regulations, will enable you to maintain foreign presence with best financial and tax results and proper reporting ,in accordance with tax treaties,foreign assets reporting requirements,foreign tax credits, and proper conversion of foreign assets and liabilities in terms of us dollars.

Representation with Government Agencies,IRS,Social Security,Immigration and Naturalization,State Government Agencies

In the event of an audit of any federal or state authority we can undertake to represent you through a power of attorney and answer any questions on your behalf with any issues raised by federal or state agencies. Our experience will enable us to defend you and to achieve best results taking the worries away from you.